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LiceKiller & Nit Treatment Kit

looking for the answer...right?

Our Be Lice Free kits are designed to get your household HEAD LICE FREE once and for all!


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And are you tired of spending money and time using lice treatments that don't work?
Our Be Lice Free kits are designed to get your household HEAD LICE FREE once and for all!
We know you've probably already tried other head lice treatments. And they didn't work. So now you're frustrated, you're tired, and you're online looking for the answer...right?

So, why didn't the drugstore treatments work? Because lice have become immune to the pesticide-based treatments. Think about it...the farmers have been struggling against bugs for years. They have to resort to stronger and stronger bug sprays. Why? Bugs develop resistance.

The problem is, you can't keep putting stronger and stronger poisons on people's heads because people DON'T develop resistance. Stronger poison would harm people.

So the companies keep selling their original head lice formulas which no longer work. And the doctors keep prescribing lice treatments that also don't work. Why do they do that? We don't know...ask them!

All we know is, our lice treatment works. It's made from natural ingredients. It really does kill head lice. Our Three Step BE LICE FREE process is easy to do and just takes just minutes. In less than one hour, you'll be Lice Free for good!

So what's in LiceKiller and how does it work?

Our LiceKiller formula was scientifically developed using the professional consulting services of several experts in the field including a Ph.D. in chemistry. All of our ingredients are of the highest quality and are all natural. Many of the oils we use are exotic and extremely expensive.

Our Nit Glue Dissolver:
Powerful, natural enzymes literally digest the stubborn nit glue that cements the lice eggs to your hair. It also softens the exoskeletons of the lice bugs themselves as well as the shells of the nits.

Once the glue is dissolved and the eggs and lice have their skins softened, they are ready to quickly be killed with LiceKiller's powerful essential oils. The oils will also make removing the nits with the World's Best Lice Comb a snap!

How to be head lice free:

First you use our Nit Glue Dissolver to pre-treat the hair. Just spray it on and work it into the hair. It will immediately start to dissolve the nit glue. It will also soften the exoskeletons of the bugs and the lice egg shells. You'll notice the bugs may become immobilized. Our Nit Glue Dissolver makes it easy for LiceKiller to kill the lice and the eggs. And it makes it a snap to remove the nits in step two!

The next step is to kill all the lice and nits with LiceKiller. LiceKiller uses powerful essential oils that have been used for centuries to kill insects without the insects developing resistance to them. The ingredients in LiceKiller start to kill head lice in 10 seconds! They really work! (You'll leave it in longer though so you can kill the eggs.)

Once the lice and the nits are dead, simply comb them out with EASE with the world's finest Lice Comb. This lice comb glides through the hair without pulling or tangling and the special design destroys and removes even the tiniest lice egg. (By the way...don't be fooled by outlandish claims that you don't need to comb out the eggs if you use this or that product. As people say...if it sounds too good to be true...it probably isn't true.)

Use our Lice Repellant to prevent re-infestations. Once head lice get into your circle of family and friends, it's almost impossible for every family to get every last bug out of every head (unless they're all using our BE LICE FREE KIT). So re-infestations of head lice are VERY common. That's why we developed Lice Repellant. It uses all-natural essential oils known to repel insects. Once you get rid of lice, the last thing you want is another infestation!

Our Beneficial Carriers:
For LiceKiller's Carrier Ingredients we use a half & half mix of Olive Oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil. We use Olive Oil because it helps to coat the lice and suffocate them. Other natural remedies stop there with just olive oil as the carrier, but we wanted to create a better product.

So, for HALF of our carrier we use Coconut Oil even though it is FIVE TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE than Olive Oil! We do this because Coconut Oil is the most penetrating oil known! It will help the active ingredients penetrate through the exoskeleton of the bugs so they can kill them dead!

In fact, Coconut Oil does such a great job of penetrating that our products come with a warning: "Do not use in combination with pesticide treatments." If you have poisons in your hair and you use coconut oil, the poisons can be even more dangerous to you! Don't worry, you can get the pesticides out of your hair washing with any shampoo. But since LiceKiller is so powerful and effective, we recommend that you make sure to wash ALL pesticides out of your (and your child's) hair before using LiceKiller.

As long as no poisons are present, Coconut Oil is WONDERFUL for your hair and skin! Coconut oil is one of the best things you can put on your body. Using LiceKiller cannot damage your hair or your skin--instead, it will actually IMPROVE the health of your hair and skin!